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Midland Railway 3F Repair

Here we have a O Gauge Midland Railway 3F, that our customer said ‘doesn’t run very well’, and has some minor paint damage.

So on first inspection it was clear that the wheels were out of quartering alignment. So we have stripped these down, giving the chassis a good clean in the process to remove excess oiling.

We have then tested the motor to find this old motor was running poorly so a new motor sourced from Premier Components. We have re-aligned the wheels and added a little loctite to the shaft to stop them moving. Once the chassis has been assembled we check the running on a gentle slope.

Finally we addressed the paint issues, we stripped back the paint from the door back to the rear corner, applied a new undercoat and top coat. The transfers have been replaced with new and then a new coat of varnish.

The loco looks great now all finished.

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