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O Gauge Locomotive Kits & ProductsTheLocoWorks_7mm_Scale_O_Gauge_Locomotive_Kits_%26_Accessories.html
O Gauge Commission Built ModelsTheLocoWorks_7mm_Scale_O_Gauge_Commission_Work/TheLocoWorks_7mm_Scale_O_Gauge_Commission_Work.html

O Gauge Locomotive Repairs

The O Gauge locomotive kits are produced at the highest quality providing you with the parts to assemble a comprehensive accurate replica.  Each kit comes with every detailed part and a choice of extra components.  Full step by step illustrated instructions are provided.  All the kit components are sourced in the UK.

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Our O Gauge commission built models are to your exact specification built professionally to the highest standards for an affordable price.  We can offer more detail, a different paint livery or maybe you are looking for that old weathered look.  Whatever your requirements we aim to deliver to the highest possible standards in O Gauge modelling.

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We will undertake the repairs and upgrades of O Gauge locomotives, from changing the motors for new or adding a Digital Command Control system with lights, sound & steam, repairing the running motion or bodywork, paint repairs and weathering upgrades.  Contact us to discuss your O Gauge requirements.

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