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O Gauge 25/1 Gearbox & Motor

7mm Scale Kit Price £39.99

We will also offer this great gearbox in a professionally built and ready to run form.

7mm Commission Price from £59.99

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O Gauge 25/1 Gearbox & Motor

The gearbox etch arrangement has been design by ourselves to accept the Faulhaber 2342S036CR precision motor and the worm/worm wheel arrangement.  The motor is suitable for larger locomotives and gives very reliable running from the DC precision micro-motor from 0V up to 36V.

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The O Gauge Gearbox Kit Details

  1. High quality Faulhaber DC micro-motor

  2. Highly quality CAD design gearbox with accurate component location.

  3. 0V to 36V operation, DC & DCC compatible.

  4. 25/1 gear arrangement

  5. Link to motor PDF Datasheet

The Commission Details

  1. We can provide the gearbox arrangement fully built and assembled/tested.

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